A Big Shared World Activity Book


This activity book introduces you to real Minnesotans from a diverse range of heritage backgrounds. The stories presented in this book reflect what the individuals wanted to share about their cultures.

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Written and designed for upper elementary age children, this activity book provides an entry point to cultural awareness and responsiveness. The book includes brief snapshots of 13 Minnesotan individuals or couples, which tell of their unique cultures, values, and traditions. The activities in the book – games, drawing, coloring, questions – are designed to help children think critically about their own values and worldview. The activity book is ideal for:

  • Public and private school classrooms
  • Homeschoolers
  • After-school clubs
  • Library summer activities
  • State visitor facilities
  • Family travel activity

*Aligned with Minnesota Education Standards*


“A culturally responsive and sustaining education is the pathway toward equity for students of color and American Indian students, and education excellence for everyone in our classrooms. Our Minnesota Community: A Big Shared World Activity Book promotes critical thinking on the values and culture in Minnesota while highlighting our similarities, which is essential at every level of education.”
–Carlos Mariani Rosa, Executive Director, MN Education Equity Partnership

Additional resources and aids are in development to supplement Our Minnesota Community. Big Shared World Activity Books for Wisconsin, Iowa, and other states are also being developed. If you would be interested in contributing to the Big Shared World Activity Book for your state, we would love to hear from you!


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Inspiring Curiosity About Culture

We live in a “Big, Shared World.” That is truer today than ever before in history. Nothing happens in isolation. Every pebble that drops into the sea of humanity sends ripples around the globe. Big Shared World is not just one pebble, but many, joining together to make an impact in cultural understanding.