What If… a Coneference Collaboration Lead to Real Sustainable Result?

My CollaborateUp colleague, Richard Crespin, and I attended an incredible conference on corporate sustainability. Sustainable Brands is not just a conference, it’s a community of collective impact, made up of individuals who represent some of the world’s largest, most influential brands. The conference is a platform for sharing insights and creating relationships that serve as a key platform for effective partnerships across companies, sectors, industries, and the world.

CollaborateUp is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in facilitation of effective multi-stakeholder engagement and was asked to lead sessions with key sponsors at the Sustainable Brands Activation Hub. Working with Coca-Cola’s Ekocycle, SAP, and BASF, we brought people together around their WHAT IF statements, visionary goals for a more sustainable world through business.

These sessions revealed a set of innovation pillars that anyone looking to multi-stakeholder collaboration to solve a tough problem should consider.

INNOVATION PILLAR #1: Clearly Define the Issue to Solve
INNOVATION PILLAR #2: Co-Create a Unique Value Proposition That Working Together Will Achieve
INNOVATION PILLAR #3: Identify the Target Population That the Effort Is Meant to Serve
INNOVATION PILLAR #4: Bring the Key Players to the Table

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