Allowing the Big Shared World Creativity to Flow

From October 2014 to December 2015, I traveled the world with my three questions, venturing forward with the spirit of what I like to call “planned spontaneity.” I had some ideas of where I would go, people I could meet up with, and a general route I would take, but I was completely open to […]

Honoring the Spiritual Journey: Do You Pick Travel or Does Travel Pick You?

What adventures are on your bucket list? Sell everything and…

Five Truths of a Personal Journey

While in Sao Paulo, my hosts suggested we go to the movie Wild,…

Beaten Paths: The Rick Steves Effect

You’ll see them in Paris cafes clutching their blue Rick Steves…

Ongoing Challenges - A reflection on MLK Jr. Day

Back in November, I woke up one morning in Copenhagen, Denmark…


Big Shared World began with the curiosity of one person who wanted to learn from the perspectives of people in different places and cultures. The experiences of that journey linked one person, Colleen Waterston, with many who shared that same passion for cross cultural community and understanding.