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The Story

Driven by curiosity for global perspectives, Big Shared World began as a quest for better understanding of the shared values and issues in our world. Seeking to make connections with people and understand their unique perspectives, Colleen Waterston designed a travel adventure around asking people the same three questions. Their insights guided a transformative experience for Colleen, which she shares here and in her forthcoming book.


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3 Questions. 30 Countries. 300 People.
3 Questions. 40 Countries. 700+ People.

Colleen wrote these answers in 10 bright red Moleskine notebooks, then meticulously transcribed them into a spreadsheet which had been methodically coded. This analysis forms the foundation of the story of Colleen’s travels and transformation.

The People

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The Book

What is the book about?

Big Shared World invites readers to travel with Colleen on an amazing adventure around the globe, and to learn first-hand how people from all walks of life view three big questions. From Buddhist monks in Thailand to software engineers in Silicon Valley, Big Shared World offers unique perspectives on prominent topics important to everyone. Through the book’s narrative approach, readers will go on a personal journey and have an opportunity to reflect on the complicated, dynamic, exciting world we all call home.

How can I get a copy?

You can pre-order the book today through the book’s Indiegogo Campaign!

When will the book be released?

With the help of the crowd fund campaign’s eager supporters, the book will be available in the fall of 2017.

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The Author

When Colleen had the idea for Big Shared World – to travel the world, ask people the same three questions along the way, and write a book about it – nobody told her not to. Instead, everyone in her life thought it was an incredible opportunity to put her boundless curiosity and passion for global issues to good use. Always inquisitive, internationally minded, and up for an adventure, Colleen took off on a remarkable journey to explore the world and gain insight into peoples’ unique perspectives along the way.

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