BSW Journey

Big Shared World started out of my confusion, and a bit of frustration, with the world we live in today.  Coming from a pretty comfortable position in the United States, I had spent my education and professional career thus far thinking about my country’s engagement with the rest of the world.  Sometimes I felt optimistic of the direction the world was heading, and sometimes pretty negative about the way people were interacting with each other and everything else that calls this world home.  In an attempt to make sense of  it all, I decided to embark on a fact finding mission to see what other people thought.  Thus, the Big Shared World journey began.

Explore the interactive map to see where I went, the people I interacted with, and the beautiful moments that made up the incredible BSW journey!

The journey took place from October 2014 through the end of 2015, ultimately surpassing the goals to ask the 3 questions in 30 countries of 300 people.  In the end, the 3 questions also included 6 demographic questions, I reached nearly 40 countries, and asked the questions of hundreds more than I set out to connect with.

The journey itself was incredible.  But this was never meant to serve only myself as a fun travel adventure, but rather an opportunity to learn from people around the globe, and ultimately to build community and create an intriguing platform to help understand each other a little better in this Big Shared World we all call home.

In 2016, I will spend time making sense of all the insights learned along the way, reflecting on lessons and interactions that help tell the story of the journey, and the takeaways to share.  I look forward to writing and publishing a book about the experience and creating tangible ways for people to interact with the concepts uncovered and action items to really bring Big Shared World to life.