About Colleen

When Colleen had the idea for Big Shared World – to travel the world, ask people the same three questions along the way, and write a book about it – nobody told her not to. Instead, everyone in her life thought it was an incredible opportunity to put her boundless curiosity and passion for global issues and to good use. Always inquisitive, internationally minded, and up for an adventure, Colleen took off on a remarkable journey to explore the world and gain insight into peoples’ unique perspectives along the way.


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Colleen shares her perspective on her personal blog, as well as her Huffington Post contributor page. To learn more about her forthcoming book on the Big Shared World journey, click here.

Five Truths of Embarking on a Personal Journey

The Huffington Post 13/10/2016

Finding Screen-Life Balance in Generation Hashtag

BigSharedWorld 25/03/2016

16 Goals for 2016

BigSharedWorld 01/01/2016


Engaging and connecting with people is Colleen’s strong suit. She is savvy with audiences, from small groups to big auditoriums. Colleen has spoken on topics of global engagement, the millennial generation, question asking, and curiosity.


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Being a Millennial in this Big Shared World

EMF Millennial Summit 01/02/2016

Asking Good Question

Student United Way Leadership Retreat 01/09/2016


As a consultant, Colleen is thrilled to share her personal perspective and insights on a range of issues. From sustainability to branding, Colleen has added value on client projects across sectors to help them achieve their goals.


With degrees in Psychology, Anthropology, and International Development, Colleen is an avid researcher and loves to dig deep into complex issues and elevate relevant information for better understanding.

If you have an issue or topic you are curious to see from a new perspective, reach out to Colleen for an introductory phone call to see if she can help move your organization’s work forward.

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